Thursday, July 10, 2003

Ah... yes. That would be a kitten.

I grabbed one while he ate at the window today and brought him in the house. I'm not sure it will last. Not because he's too wild. He's very calm... too calm, in fact. And the other cats have ignored his presence so far. He's sitting on the desk beside me, in the cat carrier with the door open. I pet him every couple minutes. He has not hissed, growled, scratched or bitten. He did go crazy for the first few minutes he was in the house, but then he quieted right down.

If he eats tomorrow -- he won't right now -- I'll seriously consider keeping him in the house. I'd like to catch his brother, too. If he just keeps staying so still and upset, I'll likely turn him back loose. Over all, he'd have a much better life as a house cats. All my former strays have lived to at least 12 years old, while my outdoor strays rarely make it past three.

Writing? Yes, actually. I've gotten quite a bit done today, even with this distraction. And I'm going back to it...

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