Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Isn't it neat how you can make something look like a painting without having a bit of artistic ability at all?

Russ made it home without a problem. And I wrote over 5000 words again. This section of Ruins is just singing for me.

Russ brought me home a backpack that they gave to him at the place he'd gone. It's funny, because I had just said I wanted a back pack for camera stuff. The purse I have is fine, but it gets very hard on my shoulder after a while. And there's some more stuff I would like to take with me to the zoo and such, but I just won't carry it in the purse. I'm not sure the backpack is a really good answer, but I think it will be nice. I can take off camera flash equipment, and some filters... yeah, it might be fun. If I'm not careful, though, I could find myself back to things like the old days, when I carried two 35mm cameras, a ton of lenses, filters, flash units, and who knew what else -- everywhere I went.

And I do have two digital cameras -- and three 35mm for that matter. Oh, I need to curb that kind of thinking right now!

I still need to buy at least one more battery, though, for the main camera. I now realize, copying off these pictures, that the batteries had more than enough reason to run down on me. I'm just copying off a few picture disks tonight before I go to bed. I need to get these last few sets done so I can get back to the FD91 pictures. Those are going to be a pain to do because they are on so many different disks, but I think it should work out all right if I can just keep my attention on them.

I'm just about through reading Doors. Just reading it as though it were a real book and forcing myself not to make too many notes along the way. It's not too bad. I can see areas I need to expand, but then that's not unusual for me.

Okay, time to copy this set of pictures and read a little while, and then get to bed!

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