Thursday, May 29, 2003

I had a long busy day, and I rewrote an entire story to get it ready to go out (Playing with Fire), did about 1500 words on Ruins (would have liked more, but it's a difficult point), and worked on an entire new section to my Access Submission and story tracker. I added in a section just for characters, so that if I do write something more based on the same world, I can look at other characters that might be fun to put into the story.

I just realized another addition to the table I need to make....

Ha, that was relatively easy now that I now what I'm doing. Add the section to the proper table, add the link into the proper form, and all is well.

But I took medications, and I'm tired agagin! Well, only three more days of the strong stuff.

I'm going to go crawl off into bed now, though...

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