Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Calmer now. Doing a little more writing, trying to be serious about it again. Not that I stopped writing, because it has always been my escape -- but the work on Ruins that I did will likely need another entire edit.

On the other hand, I am sorting through all my digital pictures, and that's going far better than I hoped. I had always intended to make copies of the small cds that the CD1000 uses. I'm doing both that, and then sorting the pictures by catagory. It's amaing how many pictures there are, and I'm only four months into the collection, which started in March, 2001 for this camera. After I get this group done, I'll go back and do the FD91 3.5 inch floppy diskettes, which are going to be a real pain. There are about three thousand of them. And prior to that were the FD7's collection, but I should have those on a disk already. Then there's years of slides I'd like to get scanned, and then back to the prints and negatives...

It's not a short term project. I hope I have the stamina to keep at it this time. The problem is there has to be at least 10,000 pictures just from the CD1000.

Yes, in many ways I'm just finding ways to keep busy right now. But at lest it might be productive. It would be nice to have some idea what I have in pictures.

And I am getting back to writing. I'm just in need of other distractions as well right now.

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