Saturday, January 11, 2003

Today is agenda day. It should have been yesterday, but I just couldn't face it. It looks as though I won't be doing these for much longer. It also looks as though the entire server I work on will be going away. I'll miss it (and my journal site and my picture sites), but I won't miss the work.

So I'm working along and all of the sudden I can't hardly breathe. Back of the head starts pounding. Funny taste in my mouth.

And I realize that some idiot has taken the first non-windy day we've had in quite a while to burn things in his yard. Oh great. Why the hell do these people do this? And now, having finally recovered from all the dust and junk in the air, I'm hit again with a 'gack, can't breathe' attack.

Snarl, snarl.

I just want to get the agenda done and get back to the Sangre stuff so I can get IT done -- I'm having fun. And I have an idea for the cover that would be fun to do, although I have a back up cover done now, just in case. But I think I'll try the other one, if I can find the proper picture from my own files.

Don't Go Home for the Holidays is nearly done, by the way. I'm still not entirely certain what I'm going to do with it. However, it has provided one really great service. It's reminded me that there are times when being silly is good, and that I should always remember that part of life.

But now I'm going to go work on the Agenda again...

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