Friday, January 03, 2003

There. First short story of the year written. Putting Down the Sword (yes the title does keep changing) has a couple interesting characters, and I may use them again here and there. 2460 completed first draft. Nice length.

I need to up the tension in Emergent. The opening couple pages were great, and though I did what I wanted it to do after that, I still lost some of my fire in the translation from mind to paper.

I have a very short Public Works Agenda to get done right now. That shouldn't take me long at all. And then I'll either work on Emergent or a bit on the outline for Gix's War.

Oh, and I edited all of Playing With Fire last night. I think I'll give it one more go through and then decide where I'm mailing it off to.

Yes, I am trying to be serious about all of this. And have fun. (grin)

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