Sunday, January 05, 2003

I have started my second short story. This is the last of the Sangre stories. I had an older version of this, but the circumstances of the stories leading up to it have changed so much that, at best, I'll just salvage some of the better lines:

Apache leaned back in the seat and sighed when the pickup stopped moving. Baby looked up from the map she had so laboriously studied with the flashlight, looked out at the night darkened landscape, and then back at the map again. She finally shook her head.

"No, that's not right, Apache," she said. "You took a wrong turn somewhere. We should be in downtown Phoenix."

Apache stared out at the towering cactus, and the cliffs a few miles away silhouetted by the bright moon light.

"I'm going to kill you, Morning Glory Sange. Do you think they'll ever find your body out here?"

"You were the one driving! Why is it my fault we're lost?" Baby demanded.

"You told me were to go!"

"I've been telling you that for years. I never thought you would listen to me, but I should have known you'd take me along with you when you did."

Ah, the Sangre sisters are so much fun. And I have the entire alien invasion on Christmas Eve to tell this time around. Should be... fun.

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