Wednesday, January 22, 2003

It's too cold to think.

Not a good way to try to write, either. My fingers are stiff. My hands hurt. My feet are freezing! ARGH!

And the cats are... well, pissed is a good term. None of them are happy. If they would just all curl up together and get warm, we'd all be happier about it. Instead, they have been fighting left and right all day.

Now, mind you, this is not the coldest weather I've ever seen. -8 with a -26 wind chill isn't that unusual. But this is the coldest week we've had in two years, and it just sort of adds up after a little while. Hi tomorrow is supposed to be 4. I think I'll just stay in bed.

On the other hand, I have gotten a bit of work done. I'm doing the beta reading for Holly, too. That's fun. Great book! And I got some important notes back on Blood of the Clan, and that's helped. I had to stop work until I had clarification, but I'll go back to it tomorrow. Today I rewrote a story and sent it off, so I have kept my two submissions a month record up. It looked bleak for a bit there this month, though not for any good reason. I just couldn't seem to get focused on rewrite/send.

I've been working on a new story called Chasing Martian Mice, and so far... I really like it. Good characters, interesting story. Nice SF stuff, which I don't do very often these days, it seems. I don't intend to write that much fantasy, but I somehow end up doing it anyway. LOL. I'm not complaining -- I like the stories -- but I do find it interesting, since I started primarily as an sf writer. That was my first love. I wasn't particularly good at it -- but writers seldom are in their teens. I didn't even consciously change to fantasy. I just wrote the stories that came to me. I always have.

And never regretted it, either. I'm having a great time.

Even when I'm cold.

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