Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Ah, that's better. A bit over 1000 words on the Sangre story, and a wonderful ending bit has finally come to me that looks like so much fun that... well, I think I'll just push through on this one and finish it. Can't be more than a few thousand more words, I suppose. Ah, such fun. I'll be sorry to be done with it, to be honest, since it is the last of the set. Though that doesn't mean I can't do more of them. In fact, I rather have a few loose ends to tie up at some point that demands another set of stories.

I have grouped these two sets of stories into two books -- Double Time for Holidays, Don't Go Home for the Holidays. They're really a lot of fun. I need to badly edit the first one, but they're likely going to go out looking for a publishing home later this year.

Ah, but back to the story. We're right about to the alien invasion on Christmas Eve.

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