Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Long day. Lots done. Little of it writing... (grin)

I did update a ton of stuff for Estand that had been building up ever since I started having computer problems. I'm glad I got all of that work out of the way, though one email has bounced, and I'll have to look into why. I hate hotmail addresses, by the way. They almost inevitably have a problem.

But that's done. (Their website, by the way, has no email address either. I ended up writing to their webmaster. Shakes head in wonder.)

At any rate, the one thing I did do today that I really enjoyed was finishing the updates and printing of the video list. Our last print out was from December, 1998. We've added a bit since then. I broke the material out into sets (series, movies, music, and such) and just printed the series section, which ran over 230 pages of 8.5 font print. Looks nice though. I have a plan to watch something from each page. I started with the old list and I've done four shows so far, alternating from the front page to the back page and working my way through. A couple 21 Jump Street's, a couple Zorro's (CBN version). It's been helpful to take my mind off of feeling so lousy.

I also started C.J. Cherryh's Explorer. I had to leave it in the bedroom when I got up or I wouldn't have gotten anything done. I was still awake at 9am reading it today. It's rare that I don't just read one of her books straight through, but I find that I want to linger over this one. For a day, at least. (grin)

Okay, off to do some real work. Or maybe watch the last of the 21 Jump Street episodes I'll be seeing for a while. Next up... 77 Sunset Strip. Now there's a leap.

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