Saturday, January 25, 2003

Good to see the site back up, at least for some of us. The rest of you, hang in there. The Internet is slowly clearing and we'll all get back soon.

If you can't get to the main Forward Motion board, try here:

And now I'm back to seeing how many mice can be generated by 56 females and 36 males in an environment with no predators and plenty of resources. I'm looking at 359,453 the first year and 5,107,200 more the second year (based on six per litter, and a new litter ever six weeks -- house mice can have up to ten litters a year, and up to twelve per litter, so this is actually a low estimate. LOL). Of course a few will just die off anyway. But for what I need in the story, this is very good. Not good for the people or the nice involved, but still...

Off to work on the story for a while.

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