Thursday, December 05, 2002

What an odd, rather strange day.

We received a box full of video tapes today -- an early Christmas present. In the box was a complete set of a 35 year old series we never expected to see -- Garrison's Gorillas. Beautiful off air copies. Also in the box was all but two or three episodes of a series called T.H.E. Cat -- but in very bad condition. We 'watched' the first show. You could almost make out what was going on most of the time -- but you know, this is another 30+ year old series, and the first time I watched it was on a little black and white with a built in antenna that I had to move around and hold on to to see a picture.

At any rate, I had a 'revert to childhood' day. I watched the first six episodes of GG, 1 episode of Cat, and one episode of Most Deadly Game (4 episodes of that in the box as well).

That's more television watching than I did in all of October and November combined. I only watched 9 hours in September, so the 7.5 is coming very close to that already. And it's going to keep going, of course. Another 20 episodes of GG to go through, 21 of Cat, and 3 Most Deadly Games. And then maybe I delve back into my own collection. Hmmm.... All of Route 66 -- I've never seen them all, actually. Complete set of the Fugitive. All the Man from UNCLE episodes, most of the Girl from UNCLE's as well. All the I SPY, many on DVD and beautiful... Or maybe I'll go for a western binge. High Chaparral? Lancer? Quest? Or move out of the 60's and 70's into something closer... ah, there are so many wonderful possibilites for mindless, fun entertainment. Sometimes that doesn't really hurt. I should probably do it more often, in fact. Turn my brain off from writing and give it something else. Even reading is about writing for me, since everything I read ends up with little brain notes tucked away on content, style -- or, if it's nonfiction, which I read more often then fiction, I end up with real notes everywhere.

I'm talking myself into a real watching marathon here. Which would be nice, really.

It's not like I need to write a whole lot, after all. (grin)

And yes, I did get some writing done. Edited some of Dacey, too. And started to lose most of my headache that has been lingering for days.

All in all, it's not so bad to retreat to childhood, I guess. (grin)

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