Monday, December 02, 2002

I am trying to get back into the idea of normal. Well, normal for me. We've already discussed that I don't have a life, so I can't exactly have a normal life, can I?

At any rate...

I have three unfinished projects this year. None of them are drastic, and I might actually run out of material before the end of the month. I could fill in with short stories after that if I do. Oh, and I should do really good outlines for one or two of the early 2003 projects, just like the one I did for the first NaNo novel. Yeah. There, that's better. I now have more than I can reasonably get done in December. Sounds about right to me...

I suppose I ought to go get organized or something now, right?

So, the unfinished pieces are:

Ada Nish Pura (SF) -- 47,993 (Looking for another 20,000 at least in the first draft. Maybe more.)

Dacey's Dream (Series book # 4) -- 74,669 (This one is actually in the rewrite/edit phase with some extensive additions. I just need to get back to it.)

Sangre -- Turkey Shoot (Contemporary SF) -- 4438 (This one will be a novella or maybe just a novelette. At any rate, it shouldn't take long to finish.) (Probably just cursed myself with that line.)

I should do outlines for Series book # 7, and maybe even for the last one, # 8. But I also have a brand new fantasy novel I'd like to start on 1/1/03 that I need to do some outline and research for before I can seriously consider it. But since I always begin something brand new on the first day of the year... yeah, I'll likely do the outline for it, too.


I think I'll go watch TV for a while.

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