Tuesday, December 24, 2002

We did the shopping. We watched a show. All is going pretty well. I'm still writing away, with a nice new plan -- a page of these outline notes a day ought to do it, though I'm going to be hard pressed to do that on Christmas or even Christmas Eve. Okay, half a page on both those days, and I'll still be fine.

We ran into someone at a store tonight who said she'd been told we're going to loose sscdc.net. This isn't a surprise, but it is an annoyance on several levels. First, I have a good many sites on there, including the zoo pictures and my regular journal. I can move the journal, but the zoo site will go away. It's too large to be able to afford putting it somewhere else.

But more annoying, in many ways, is that no one has told me that the server is going away. I have worked on it for eight years now, doing web sites for the city and the county. When the city moved over to their own server, they didn't tell me they were going... but I was so tired of doing their sites that I didn't mind. Now they're doing it again, but in a bigger way.

But you know what? It means they'll have to do the damned agendas themselves. And in some ways... that's just fine with me.

I need to write more. Well, no, not actually write more... but sell more. I think I have just had my goals for 2003 defined for me. Good. Less work on my part having to come up with something.

Need to get back to work on Ada Nish Pura. It's going very well tonight. The fanfic break was obviously just what I needed to do to step back again. Or maybe I just work well under pressure.

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