Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I could not sleep this morning. My back is out a bit, and my head hurt. I was tossing and turning in bed... and saw a couple little plot holes in my fanfic, of all things. So, since Russ is off delivering things this morning, I got up and came back here to correct the problems. That's done and I'll print it out later. I'm going to go take a nice warm bath now and hope that helps with the back.

If I don't get back to sleep that's not all bad. I need to be up fairly early tomorrow to go see my parents.

With luck, we'll get everything done early tonight and have some nice time to sit around and watch shows -- our Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve tradition. It used to be just New Year's Eve, but we have such a large collection that it started to spread out. (grin) Cheese and crackers, maybe some cookies if I bake a dozen or so today... Yeah, it could be fun.

Time for a bath and relax...

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