Thursday, December 26, 2002

I did not get much writing done tonight. We watched a couple Garrison's Gorillas, and then some music clips from the 60's... and then Streets of Fire. I love that movie. Hadn't seen it in a while, which made it all the better.

I am increasingly convinced that cutting Ada in two is a great idea. New pieces have already started to filter into my head, and a rearrangement of something I just wrote that will be far more powerful as a closing scene. I'd been testing this idea out all evening, thinking I should just push through and do all the notes I have, and then thinking no... Even though I know I could get it done, and Turkey Shoot without much trouble in the next week, I kept getting the ideas for more scenes, added pieces, bits of story...

I have a surprisingly good feeling about the two novel idea. So I'm going with it.

And the great thing is I have about half the outline for the next book already done. (grin)

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