Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rain, Lovely Rain....

Everything is turning green, and as long as I ignore that we're under a flood watch, it's all pretty nice.

FM is back up. It will be another day before I find out what I'll have to do to make things work better. Jatol announces their new plans on Monday, I guess, and I'll have to go through and see what we need and what I can afford. I do appreciate the donations to the site. Those are really going to help!

I'm still working a bit on the 2YN book after all. I forgot a couple little things and needed to add them back in.

On the good side, I finally have access to my PDF stuff and have done the #30 Vision. I will put it up tomorrow. And that, I think, pretty much covers my life since the last time I wrote. Kind of sad, isn't it? (grin)

I did get the 2YN classes up already, though. That's a good point! Posted by Picasa


HH said...

that is a truly splendid photo

Zette said...

Thank you. It was wonderful to stand on the porch and listen to the wind and the rain pounding the house. I love storms!