Monday, April 17, 2006

Hell, hell, hell....

I shouldn't have gone out to take pictures of the flowers. What do you suppose I found?

Four abandoned kittens, about one week old. Maybe less. I think they were Whispers -- and I haven't seen her for a couple days.

They're too young to take in and raise. I did it with Pip when he was about that age -- and much smaller -- but the four of them would be too much.

Russ called Animal control and they say they haven't picked up a lactating female cat. I don't believe them, because Whisper never wandered far from the house.

The kittens are in the bathroom at the moment, but in a little while we're going to take them out to the garage where I believe Pretty (who is still around) might have some kittens. We're hoping she'll take these in. And we're keeping an eye on the spot where these were, in hopes that the mother -- if it wasn't Whisper -- turns up looking for them.

Hell. Maybe we'll get lucky and they are Pretty's kittens. Maybe, for some reason, she moved them over there.

I wish I had never gone into the yard now. Posted by Picasa

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Jean said...

Oh, Zette. I hope one of the mommy kitties turns up. Hugs.