Monday, April 17, 2006

Another day

I'm doing a little better today. The anger is dulling, mostly thanks to Russ taking me out twice this week. Getting away -- getting some distance on things -- helped. I'm finally able to turn my attention back to the work I need to do, like getting Vision set up and the contracts out.

I'm having hip and foot problems now. I swear there's some kind of conspiracy against me. I didn't do much walking today at De Soto, but I did get a few nice pictures. And mostly I just got out.

I'm considering moving my office for a while. A change to one of the other rooms might be very nice right now. Without Russ at the house very often, it's possible for me to take over the dining room or part of the living room.

But that sounds like way too much work.

I think I should just sit down and get to work on Vision and then DTF and then anything I need to do for FM.

I am also planning to put three to four chapters of all of my books up on my site so that people can read enough to see if they'd be interested. I'll probably make a cd version as well for conventions.

So, lots and lots to do. But right now... I'm going to go take pictures of some tulips at the other house before it gets dark. Posted by Picasa

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