Friday, April 14, 2006

The View from the bluffs

Russ had to go out of town this afternoon and deliver something. On the way home we swung through Ponca State Park and there found... well, lovely things. It turned out to be a lovely stop and helped. This is the view from the lookout over the Missouri River. As you can tell from the sand bars, it's a bit low this year. This area also isn't channeled, so it spreads wide and looks wonderful. We had the spot nearly entirely to ourselves. Despite the gorgeous weather, hardly anyone was out.

On the way out we found a new monument they put up that is absolutely gorgeous. The waterfall part wasn't on yet, but it didn't matter... it's incredible. I'm doing an entire page devoted to it later tonight. I'll put in a link when I get it. It was wonderful to suddenly come upon something so unexpected in a place we had been visiting for years. We saw them starting this a year or so ago, but had no idea what it would be.

It was good to get out. I'm having neighbor problems, and they've managed to have several the strays caught and killed, including Nazir. I'm just incredibly upset about this. Okay, I can't do anything about what they do at their house, and the best you can do is feed the guys and hope for the best... but they sent city people over to my house. And the problem is that Russ had already talked to the city people and said never to bother me about it, and if they needed something done to talk to him and he'd handle it. They know who Russ is -- he was on the city council, after all. There's a good reason for what he said, called an irregular heartbeat and incredibly high blood pressure that shot straight up when the city people wouldn't leave. By the time Russ got home last night it had finally dropped back down to about 160/99 -- still not good, but better. Getting out today was wise.

I hope to get some of the fence moved this spring so that I can have a private back yard. Not for the cats, but for me so that I don't have to deal with these people any more. I am tired of glaring people who don't approve of the fact that our house needs painting. You want to pay for it? Fine. I'll be glad to do the work -- what I can -- but if it comes down to choosing between paying the utility bills or buying paint, guess the outside is going to have to wait a while longer. Yeah, it's ugly. But you know what? We're not drug dealers like the people two doors down from you, we don't have a race car we tune all hours during the summer like the guy two doors down from us, we don't stand out and scream and yell until the police come like a couple of the other neighbors have been. We don't have kids screaming and people playing music so loud that the house vibrates. We've been here for about twenty-five years, and except that the house looks a bit scruffy, we've never been a problem.

But they are creating one. Oddly, there have been less cats around for quite a while anyway -- that, unfortunately, happens every winter. But just because people tossed out animals and didn't take care of them is not the animal's fault -- or the following generations, and I will never purposely let an animal starve or kill it just because it has had an unfortuante life. Cat, dog, squirrel or whatever.

I also feed squirrels, birds, rabbits, and occasionally (though not intentionally) raccoons and possums. I think if I get any more crap about 'don't put out food for stray cats' then I'll start looking into the fact that the city allows squirrel, bird and even raccoon feeders.

Okay, yes. Stop working the blood pressure back up. Go take pill now.

Think about lovely trip instead. It was really very nice. I got to take 5 megapixel pictures, though we only saw a couple squirrels, two very fast turkeys, and Russ saw a deer. Usually Easter weekend is good for animals and birds. I think on Sunday we'll go out to our little pond for an hour or so and just watch the geese. I saw a couple ducks out there the last time, too.

If I am lucky I'll be able to finally finish Return tonight. I'm down to the last scene, but between being horribly ill, having the hip problem (and now an ankle one, too), and then the trouble yesterday with the neighbors I just haven't gotten much done. Time to move on. I cannot save all the cats in the world, especially when there are people working against it. But they had better hope that they never again need the kind of help that Russ has given them in the past. Posted by Picasa


Jean said...

I'm sorry to hear about neighbor problems. That's not good at all. Nice place you found at the park.

Alan just called to say we have skunks at the ranch. Not surprised--just one of nature's creatures I don't need in the yard.

Maripat said...

Hugs. I'm so sorry, Zette. You don't need this on top of everything else. I know how annoying some neighbors can be.

derianthi said...

No, you cannot save them all. Neither can anyone else. But a lot of us try our best to help as much as we can.

"It matters to this one."

My heart goes out to you. As for the neighbors -- my prayer is that they will someday realize exactly what they've done and that, no matter what they do or say nor how sorry they are, they can NEVER undo it.

Yes, they can be forgiven, of course. But they will have to remember forever that something innocent and beautiful and miraculous was taken away from this world because of their choices.

I would not want to have to live with that memory myself.

As for Nazir -- I believe that Easter comes not just for the wayward humans on this planet but for all God's creatures. I hope you can believe this too. But at the very least no one can ever hurt him again.

I should tell you how I have loved every cat picture you've ever posted and look forward to them among all your other wonderful pictures.

Please take care of yourself.

Carter said...


This strategy worked for me when we moved into our house about 20 years ago:

Level 1: Angry stare and close the door.

Level 2: "Why is this your problem? I'll thank you to stay out of my business."

Level 3: "Why are you still here? Leave now."

Level 4: "In 30 seconds, I'll call the Sheriff to remove you and charge you with trespassing."

If it gets beyond that, then law enforcement will have to handle it. Guns and anger don't mix. Luckily, I've never had to go beyond Level 2. Of course, it helps to be large and mean-looking already.

Hope things get better for you soon.