Saturday, April 08, 2006

I found it!

I have spent months trying to find out what kind of bird this is. Okay, not every day for months, but every time I'd look at my zoo pictures I'd come across one of this bird.

Tonight I spent hours going over books and websites. I went through over 3000 pictures on one site alone. It was not there.

From the location in the zoo, I thought it was a somewhat Asian bird. So I began running through bird spotting lists. First I'd find the birds of about the same size and shape, copy the names over to Google, and check the images section...

And finally, there it is.

This is a Nicobar Pigeon. Lovely bird, really.

And now, at 4 am, I will finally go off to bed knowing that I have put a name to one more of the creatures. (grin) Here's the Wikipedia entry for it:

I can put the stack of books away again. Posted by Picasa

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