Thursday, November 27, 2003

Run, you fool! Run!

Oh yes, it's that day. We had a nice quiet day. Never left the house. Probably should have gone to see my parents, but both of us have been totally worn out and just needed some quiet time. I slept late. We still had a nice traditional dinner, and watched a show, and we're both playing with our computers at opposite ends of the house.

I'm working on the novel, of course. Running out of time here -- I suppose I'll have to kick the work back in again to get done on the last day. It might be that I'll spend all of Sunday getting caught up and done... but I think it won't be that bad.

I'm less than 20,000 words from one million, as well. I didn't expect it to go that easily this year. I didn't expect it to go at all, to be honest.

I'm working at new goals next year, mostly to do with editing and submitting novels, which I am woefully behind on.

And having more fun. (grin)

Hope everyone is having a good day. I'm off to commit more words...

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