Friday, November 07, 2003

My journal keeps going down, which is why the pictures don't show. Sigh. I wish I still had my old server. Too be honest, I'm too tired right now (at 4:38am) to go find out what pictures I might have on my site. So no picture for the moment. Maybe I'll edit one in later, after I sleep. I like having pictures.

The writing is going very well. This is the 7th day, an I hope to be able to keep the 10,000 word average, even though I dropped way off the last two days. Today (ummm... yesterday for those who really live by those clock things) I was very ill and did a good amount of my writing on my Visor, curled up in blankets in bed. But I wrote, and I'm getting to the crux part of the novel. It's going pretty well.

I need to go crawl back into bed, though. I'm still not feeling totally great.

Over 60,000 words and the #1 spot again, though. Hey, if you are going to be crazy and write like this, it might as well count for something. (grin)

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