Sunday, November 30, 2003

Early this morning I wrote The End at 153,797 words. Today I am adding in two scenes -- one for each section of the book to cover some details that I want to add, and as long as I have the time today, I might as well do it and add to my word count total before the end of NaNo.

Tomorrow it's back to life in the real world. (grin)

Today is Kid's day, by the way. He's 14. We will celebrate with roast beef from Arby's, I think.

It's kind of odd to be done today. November is such an interesting, intense month. I'd be happier at the idea of December if I didn't have this fear that I'm going to have a lot of work there, too. (grin)

So... off to do some writing. And relaxing for a few hours, I think.

But... did it! And did it well, and now I have a couple first drafts to work with, both of which I really like!

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