Thursday, November 20, 2003

I'm having one of those 'non-focus' nights. I can write about 100 or so words at a shot, and then... I find myself doing something else. Like blogging. The story isn't a problem. I'm at a good spot, in fact, and kind of expected to do better here. But instead I just don't want to sit still... and I think that's maybe the real answer right there. I don't want to sit here. I hope that sometime in the next few days I can get out of the house again for a while (we went on a nice ride the other night), and just take a break from the computer and even the cats.

But speaking of cats -- one of the strays I hadn't seen in quite a while came to the window tonight. He looks very good! He's obviously found a nice home, because no stray has that kind of coat and fat. It's GB for those who remember him -- nice big gray and white cat. Really sweet guy, too. He let me pet him and feed him two whole cans of food -- like he needed that food!

Well, my people are in the city in the middle of a riot, and trying to get to a secret funeral, so I better get them moving again. I've less than 1000 words to go to 125,000 and that was my goal for tonight.

I can do that much!

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