Friday, September 29, 2006

Still here

I am not having a good week, obviously, but I'm still here. Russ will be home in a couple more days, and I think things will look better then. Right now I'm fighting to get anything done. And I'm not feeling well, which doesn't help at all. I suspect it's just stress.

I have been going for walks every day again, and I think that's helping somewhat. I'm almost nearly done with Paid in Gold and Blood, and I am happy about that part. The 2YNY2 book is figting me, but -- again -- I think it's stress more than anything else.

Today I feel lousy, so all the things I'd planned on doing are kind of sitting by the side and on hold again.

If I don't get things working soon, I'm going to drop NaNo this year. As much as I love doing it, there are just too many things piling up on my end, and not nearly enough time to do them as it is. Posted by Picasa

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