Saturday, September 16, 2006

Happy Turtle

Everytime I see this turtle at the zoo, he looks happy. There are some animals that can just make you grin when you look at them. He's one of them.

Today I spent nearly the entire day sorting through things at FM. After midnight I started moving boards and posts -- a long, difficult task. I'm only going to do one or two sets a night. So far it looks good.

Of course, my writing isn't doing as well because of it, but that's all right. Once I get this work done I'll keep better about it. It's looking good so far. I hope.

I'm down to the last few Chapters of Summer Storm and I like the story -- though I can see a lot of room for changes and improvements. Still, it has a good feel to it. I just need to up the tension in many places and add a few more problems for my main character. I think he's doing too much 'floating along' stuff. I seem to have that problem with my stories -- and like this, I find it as I near the end. But that's what rewrites and edits are for. I'm just glad that I enjoy them so much!

And now, I think it's time to call it a night here! Posted by Picasa

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Jean said...

I couldn't imagine a happy looking turtle until I saw this picture. He DOES look happy.

I like the reorg structure for FM. It should be a good thing.