Sunday, September 24, 2006

I've finished the first draft of Summer Storm!

Finally! It's a short first draft, but I don't care. I have it. I've already thought of one thread that I completely lost, even in the outline, so there's something to write up and settle. I want more with the main character's girlfriend, and probably a few more encounters with the bad guys before the end.

But, I have the basics of the story, and I'm glad.

Now it'll be back to work on the 2YNY2 book, after a short break. At least a few hours. And I need to get to work on the outline for NaNo.

But right now I'm just relieved to have the novel done.

Holly says the new writing book will be for sale tomorrow, too. Yay!

Right now, though... I think I want to rest for a little while! Posted by Picasa

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Writing Angel said...

Congrats on completing Summer Storm! It's great to be able to tick something off the ever growing list, isn't it. :)

I'm so excited about NaNo. I can't wait until I can get to my outline.