Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A revelation

Hi. Yes, I've sort of been negligent about this blog for a few days. Busy, busy... and a trip to the zoo yesterday...

And a revelation about something on the way home last night. I was lamenting to Russ about my inability to keep track of work any more. I know I have things that must get done, but I can't keep track sometimes, and it is making me very frustrated.

And Russ mentioned that I never used to have this problem before I started having blood pressure problems.



I think he's right.

As far as I can remember, he's right. Since this is all about how I don't remember things as well as I should, I think I'll have to take him as the expert here. (grin) It's an odd relief to have a reason for some of this. Granted, other parts are just a bad case of Because I don't want to problems when faced with the choice between writing and work. You know which one is going to win out in that case!

So, I dragged out an old white board from the porch and I'm going to start actually noting things that need to be done on it. I'm hoping by spreading it out over days, I can spread things out, instead of letting them clump and become overwhelming, and give myself less stress that way. Less stress, lower blood pressure, better memory -- seems like a good plan to me.

I think yesterday's trip to the zoo helped as well, even though I screwed up the camera setting and don't have as many good pictures as I should. It was a good relaxing day. I might go back tomorrow.

If I get some work done today. (grin) Posted by Picasa

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