Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday? It's Friday?

I am having a hard time keeping track of days lately. So is Russ. That's not good at all.

Today I did the PDF version of the workshop book Holly and I will have out soon. I hope it worked right this time. If I have to redo that beast again, I may scream. Or something.

Edmond bit me on the arm today. He was playing with his brother and he reached over and caught hold of me. We had a very short and to the point, discussion about it. He didn't break the skin very much, but I am bruised.

And then he did it again a few minutes later. We had a slightly longer discussion that time. I hope he got the point this time.

So, now I want to get to work on Summer Storm, since I've barely written a couple hundred words today. And edit more of Paid in Gold and Blood, which is really going very well. I need to do more work at FM now that I have my computer almost working properly again since the move. I didn't dare mess with it for those days where we couldn't get my Internet Connection to work quite right.

And the new desk is great. Right now I have the computer, the printer a stack of papers and three cats -- and it's not even crowded. I think I'll be able to bring my scanner out and set it up, too. Great stuff! I even like the spot, too, which is clear up front with two windows to look out, giving a side and front view from the house.

Will it help me with writing? Yes, I think it will. I just have to get the time to get back into it.

And that's what I'm about to do now! Posted by Picasa

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