Monday, February 20, 2006


Some of you may not realize it but I have a blog devoted only to photography -- Visions of Now -- and I use it for entering various online photo challenges. For a long time I only did Photo Friday, but in the last couple weeks I've joined the Theme Thursday one and the Black and White Challenge.

The Black and White Challenge has turned out to be considerable fun. Tonight I sat up boxes, cloth, a white curtain to diffuse the light from the overhead source, and found a small flashlight to create some highlights. I took two glasses from my cabinet and set them up. I set the new camera to black and white, and I played with it for about two hours taking dozens of shots at different settings. The one to the left was originally a black and white photo, but I played with it in a couple programs and added in some color again. I have a black and white version (though not exactly the same shot) on the other blog and it's entered in the black and white challenge for this week.

There are times when I knew I shouldn't be working on the photographs. I am behind on work. But sometimes I just need a break, and if I can't actually get out of the house, I can at least get away from the computer for a little while -- and if not away from the computer for long, at least not stare at words and words and more words.

I got my writing done early. (grin)

Wht I really need to do, though, is get the contracts database updated and contracts out for this issue of Vision.

I'm going to go to work on that right now, in fact. Yes, at a quarter to four in the morning because now I feel guilty about taking the time to do the photography. Posted by Picasa


Carter said...

Life is not all about work. Have your fun, and don't feel guilty. You are both a gifted writer and a gifted photographer. Enjoy them both.

Maripat said...

Yeah, but you take awesome pictures. And Carter's right. Life is a balancing act.