Sunday, February 12, 2006

Almost done with Muse

I'm down to the last few pages of edits for Muse and then it goes off yet tonight.

Then I have some email to catch up on. And then class work for the Romance Class. I'm already behind there, but it's early enough that I should be able to catch up.

After that I have to decide what novel I'm going to work on next. This is going too well. I figure I can get at least one or two more novels out before I get caught up in other stuff I need to get done this year.

It's about time I turned my attention back to the novels. I have over eighty of them, and while a few are not worth the time they took to write, most of them have some spark that will make them worth rewriting. It's been fun so far, though the ones I've worked on up to this point have been fairly late material. I might try something a few years older next.

Or not. Maybe I should just keep trying to get as many of these done as I can. This is # 3 in three months -- 4 if you count Farstep, though that was just mostly a simple clean up and two areas that needed drastic rewriting.

At any rate, I'm almost done. I like the book still, which is good. Sometimes by the time I get done with a number of rewrites/edits in a row I've lost all perspective on the book, but some of this one can still make me laugh. Maybe I'm just easily amused.

I'm tired tonight. I want to be done and rest for a while! Posted by Picasa

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