Saturday, February 11, 2006

Better, mostly

I'm fighting off a headache, but overall I seem better than I have been for a couple days. Unfortunately Wind is ill, but he seems to be doing a little better, too, tonight. He's not going to be happy when Russ gets back home because we have medication to shove down his throat. Oh fun. He's a wonderful, sweet, calm cat... until you try to hold him down.

Those are elk, by the way, in Rocky Mountain National Park. The picture was taken with the old FD91 -- about a one megapixel camera. It's great for small pictures.

In the good news side of things, Farstep Station is now in the hands of the publisher and I'm done! Yay! And if I can just work without getting sick again, I'll have Muse done this weekend as well. That would be a relief.

I have the 2YN classes to edit and get up tonight, but those shouldn't be too difficult. But first I'm going to go relax for a while with Russ! Posted by Picasa

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