Saturday, February 04, 2006

Nearly done with edits

I've gotten nearly all of Farstep Station done. I got held up by two points, neither of them really particularly difficult -- but for some reason my brain just refused to wrap around what needed to be changed. I only have about 80 pages to go and maybe two big changes left.

I'll be glad to get it done and back to the publisher. I've got until March, but usually I'm much faster at getting this kind of stuff done. I just had a lousy end of last year, and I'm having trouble focusing again on any of this. But I'm getting there!

I need to do the 2YN stuff tonight, too. It shouldn't be too much work, I hope.

I've pretty much finished the material for the sf class and I need to get to work on the mystery one and finish up what I can there, as well. I've had a very lazy day today, though, and gotten hardly anything productive done. I'm going to have to make up a list so that I don't get farther behind on some of the stuff.

I should point out that the new book to the Dark Staff series is out! Freedom and Fame is the sixth book of the series. There are only two more to go. It looks as though we'll be putting the entire set out in trade paperback before too long.

It's late. This has set open nearly all day while I typed in little bits and pieces to it, looking for anything interesting to say. But it's not been an interesting day and it's time I move on to other work. (grin) Posted by Picasa

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