Sunday, January 16, 2005

Working, really.

I have spent this entire weekend doing everything that I said I would not do on weekends any longer. These were supposed to be my writing days -- and I've written less in the last two days than I did on the rest of the week.

Time to get some control here. I am considering not looking at email or the site tomorrow, and just seeing how much I can get done. Seems unlikely that I'll go that far, though.

I'm happy with the edits for Glory, though. I do a couple pages at a time between other work, but I'm up to 80+ pages so it's going fine.

Oh, and I'm reading about snails in the GALE books. Reptiles hasn't arrived yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. I would love to devote some of my free time (oh yes, you can all laugh now) to working on write ups on the zoo site. Of course I would also LOVE to go back to the zoo and do more pictures, but that's not likely going to happen any time soon. Still, there is that appeal of walking into the jungle when it's below freezing outside. Such a nice, lovely dream....

We might have some snow tomorrow. Well, it will give the stuff a nice new white coat. Might get above freezing on Tuesday, though, which is going to make a real mess of things!

We're doing better at the site now, by the way. People seem to have taken my rather unsubtle hint that I'm not even close to banning anyone at this point, lol. The two sets of classes for 2YN are going well enough, and I'm getting various site work caught up.

Now to just get some real writing done again....

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