Sunday, January 02, 2005

And another day

I've been working on the new novel a little more today, mostly between bouts of trying to set up a new work schedule for everything but writing. I think I have a five day a week schedule for the other stuff, finally. I want to free up the weekends. I'm tired of spending every single day working on things that take more time than I devote to writing some days. I think yesterday's 14 hour stretch between Vision and Forward Motion was maybe a bit too much and finally convinced me (especially since it was a holiday) that I need to take better control.

So I have. We'll see how long it lasts.

I'm working on Serendipity Blues, and I think I'm starting to get the feel for it. Dante did well. Surprisingly, my Mafia man came across real well, too. My female lead is about to make her appearance, probably tomorrow.

For editing I'm doing Glory. Just a few pages a day, and then it will be ready to go out.

For the rest of life... well, I'm getting the schedule done, right? (grin)

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