Monday, January 31, 2005

Back to work....

Somehow, this idea of doing nothing but writing on the weekends is not quite working out. I should not be surprised, I suppose. Still, it seemed like such a good plan -- dedicate one day from Monday-Friday to various 'work' things and then have Saturday and Sunday for me to write. Sounds very good.

But somehow I keep ending up doing various work things instead. Today I did a lot of DTF stuff. Okay I was behind a bit on it, but still....

Organization and keeping to a schedule just is not something I'm particularly good at. Oh, I can write up a good schedule. I might even keep it for a day or two. But somewhere along the third or fourth day something usually comes up and I have to deviate a little... and then it just goes down hill from there.

Tonight I finally did something I had meant to do from the first day I got my HP iPAQ -- I put two of the novels I have to read for DTF on it so that I can read them away from the computer with out having to print out papers. So I can read them in bed without the light on. So I can take them with me and read them in the car if I ride with Russ somewhere. I have been writing quite a bit on it, but not doing this part yet. I think it will help. I've got quite a few novels to read right now.

But it's still my 'writing' day until I go to bed. So I'm going to get a bit of work done. I'm staying clear of FM for a few days, conserving bandwidth (and giving myself a break with the excuse that it's for other reasons), so I'm going to do a little 'word count updating' here for tonight.

I'm working on Kinship.

Starting count: 8728

Be back in about half an hour to update.

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