Thursday, December 02, 2004

A million words

I made it through NaNo with190,165 words, about 40k of which is utter crap. I hope I can sort it all out later.

This evening I hit 1,000,004 words for 2004, which was nice.

I just watched the first four episodes of the final season of Buffy, and I'm having a very hard time stopping here. But I'm tired!

My leg is better, my cat seems to be getting better (we're really worried about Pip), and my mind is not on anything reasonable at all. I have very many things to get done, even though I worked hard through most of today and got a ton of stuff done already.

I think I'm going to go sleep, though. Sleep and get up tomorrow and work on other things that need to be done. Eventually I will either catch up or run out of year.

I thought I should get back to posting here, though. I need to recover from NaNo. This is a good start.

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