Friday, December 10, 2004

Crazed Days

That's ice on a tree. I really like that shot.

Russ is off to New York on an emergency tech job. He should be home Sunday, we hope. I'll know more in a few hours when I talk to him.

Most of the cats are getting better. Kwi is still miserable and so is Cricket. I'm surprised to say tht Willow is looking much better. I feared we were going to lose her, but she seems to be up and moving and even eating a little again.

The writing, of course, suffered through the bout with Kitty problems. Last night I finally finished a new Sangre story and today I've been working on the Resolutions of Trust outline, and I might even have it done before I go to bed -- about 6-8k of outline, which is kind of a middle of the road length for me.

I've finished the final edits on Eliora's World and turned it in. I'm about half way through the first edits for Freedom and Fame, but considering I did 100 pages last night, I'm not too worried.

I would like to get the outline done tonight so that I can mark another thing off of my rather long and annoying list. There are three outlines, and one of them is going to be very difficult. I might end up with just doing the high points for it, and reworking the outline into something deeper next year. Or maybe, if Russ and I can find some time to sit down and talk it out, I might get more.

I have a great deal of work to do at FM, too. I'm doing some reorganizational work, and I think it's going to take some long, dedicated time to get a few of these things done. I'm looking forward to the results, but not to the work.

Overall, things are looking better. The house is a pit. I might get some of it cleaned up while Russ is gone, or I might just throw myself into the writing and not come back out until Russ gets home. It might be my only hope of getting everything on my list done.

21 days left in the year. Ack.

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