Friday, December 31, 2004

The End is Near!

Okay, the end of the year is here! I've finished up the last of my work for the year, with Written in the Sand 1 more or less done (boy is that ending going to need a lot of work!). I have Vision nearly ready to go up. Russ is going to write up Interview questions for me, including some from the people at FM. It's going to be fun, I think. I'll do that early tomorrow and then post the new Vision tomorrow afternoon.

2004 went quickly. I had a good year, averaging a sale a month plus four more 'placed' pieces, like the new essay at A Picture's Worth. There's a problem with the picture that the moment, but I hope that we have it cleared up soon.

Beyond that, it's just been a fairly nice evening. Russ and I are going to go do our annual 'watch shows game' and have fun!

So see you all in 2005! Have a good New Year!

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