Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Working my way through everything!

The convention was great. I had a wonderful time. My publisher introduced me at the opening ceremonies as a kick-ass sf writer, so it was hard for anything to be bad after that. I met a lot of people, talked to many old friends, and had a wonderful time! It was a great drive down and a wonderful ride back.

However, not only did it slow me up on NaNo, it put me behind on everything else in life. And I came back with an injured leg that is just giving me hell. Nothing serious, just painful. So much so that I'm skipping turkey tomorrow and doing a pot roast instead. Much easier to cook.

I'm never going to get really caught up, but I'm doing better.

In the good news department -- I have a shot at one of the upcoming Double Dog books (Yard Dog Press 'Ace Double' publication). They still have a few other books in the line up first, but Selina wants me to do half of an sf one. Yay!


The day after I got back I found that I have apparently sold Ada Nish Pura to AIO. The contracts will be arriving, so nothing is absolutely set, but it looks good!

Life is good! What a great way to end out the year!

Much celebrating and general merriment.

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