Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Things done... and not done!

The zoo site is up. There are over 1000 pictures there. I will gradually add in the information about different animals. Getting the pictures up, though, was the important part.

Zette's Pictures from the Henry Doorly Zoo Website

I still have far too many things on my list to do and I am running out of time. So why did I stop and do the picture site? Because it's almost the end of the year and for months I had been talking about doing this. I even bought a new website for it. There comes a point where you just have to do something for yourself that isn't writing-related.

The kitties are better. I'm really surprised that they've all come out of this so well. Pip is back to terrorizing poor Wind, so all must be well in the world.

I have projects that need to be done. Vision is the most important at this point, and I need a few more articles for it. I think everyone is worn down this year.

And my other projects that I still need to finish?

I'm working on the editing of Freedom and Fame which is the sixth book of the Dark Staff series. It will be the last novel I edit this year. If I do about fifteen pages a day I'll have it done a bit early. Seems wise to me.

The outline for Serendipity Blues keeps stalling out on me. I know the basics. I just can't seem to get the story to fall together properly. I'll get there.

The outline for Dancer is going well, but then it's based on an older novel and I know the sequence of events.

I haven't even looked at Written in the Sand. I need to start working on that stuff.

I have been wearing down the submission pile for Dragon Tooth, with a second novel acceptance yesterday.

I have a list of things to do for Forward Motion and I need to get that stuff lined up, too.

Ack. Looking at the list now has me worried. I think I'll go work on the Dancer outline for a while. It, at least, is moving.

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