Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Almost done!

I'm quite stunned to realize that I'm almost caught up on everything for the year. Really. Oh sure, there are some niggling little things like Vision still out there, and everything I want to do for FM -- but the writing is virtually caught up. I'm working on my last two writing projects for the year. I'll have the editing for Freedom and Fame done fairly quickly, and while I'm not making any real headway on Written in the Sand, I have faith that I'll get there.

I need to put together two more submissions for the year, but I have some stuff piled up to go back out, so I don't think that will be a problem. Having gotten so much done already has given me confidence that I'll get the rest. Probably a bad thing. LOL.

The weather here is very cold, but there's no snow and it's apparent there won't be any before the holidays. This is normal -- it's really rare that we get snow this early in the year. Most of our worst storms are in March, right at the end of the season. But a litle snow wouldn't hurt.

And that's it for me tonight. I have other work to get to!

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