Sunday, October 03, 2004


I'm too busy.

Well, I'm sure that's a surprise to people here. But really -- I've just been a bit too busy the last few days, and here it is the morning of the third already, and I keep thinking it's still the first. I'm sure that can't be right.

I have, however, gotten a lot of work done. I haven't yet had a chance to send a novel off, but it will get there. I might have a second one ready to go before too long, too. That would be fun.

I have a couple submissions to handle for DTF. This is fun!

I'm about 1.5 classes ahead on 2YN which is also very nice.

I am going to go work on the outline for my NaNo novel after I post this. I might even pull up the other unfinished outlines and work on some of them as well. I need to get them all done before the end of the year anyway. And then I'll have outlines to start out the writing in 2005, which would be very nice. Planning ahead is a good idea, if you have the time.

Right now, though -- I'm going to go do some writing. Or maybe work on some other websites. Yeah. I've already written over 5000 words today. I really don't need to do more.

I wish I could talk Russ into a trip to the zoo. I've been trying for four years, but I kind of suspect that he's really not at all interested. LOL. A refuge might be nice instead. Although not since we're going to have company tomorrow night, and tomorrow is the only day he'll have free to himself. Alas. That's the problem, you see -- I don't get to spend much time with him because he's always busy, and the only time we could maybe do something I would find fun, it's the only day he has off and the poor guy does need some rest!

But still.... it would be fun. Not that we don't do other fun things, but I like to go see things. (grin)

Time, I think, to go do some other work! But at least I finally updated!

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