Tuesday, October 12, 2004

One Outline Done!

Yes, the outline for Bad Connections is done. It took me a few days too many to get that last part finished up, but I finally worked through the problems to the end. I look forward to writing it!

I have pulled up two other unfinished outlines and hope to get them done this month as well. I have one other written on notecards to type in and finish, too. I have found that I like having outlines done and novels ready to start at any given time. With so much else going on in my life, it saves a lot of 'down time' while I think of something.

I did start a new story, too. I needed something more than just the outlines to work on, since they take far more work to write than the story. I played around with a story prompt generator and got a few things that got me started. I don't intend for this to be more than a novella. (Why do I have to keep telling myself that part?) I'm working on the outline to Darkness Falls (2YN novel) and had a vision of the opening -- the opening keeps changing drastically on me, but I think this might be the one this time. I think once I commit to what I want, I can just push through this outline. Resolutions of Trust (other 2YN) is also up for work, but it's a little harder still. Not a genre I'm comfortable with, I guess. The third one Serendipity Blues, is a story that I really want to write, but can't quite get a grasp of how it falls together. I think this is going to be another case of just write what I want for it, and then start figuring out how it falls together. Two story lines braided together for that one, and the material needs to slip in and around each other.

So what else? I am working on Vision and trying to figure out why some stuff didn't work last month on the emails and things. I dont' want it to go that way again, and I would like to figure out who did and who didn't get the emails. ARGH! But I'll get it fixed. This issue is going together well.

Beyond that, I have two novels ready to go out as soon as I get new toner and paper. I don't think I've ever had two novels ready to go at the same time! I'm looking forward to getting them shipped off!

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