Tuesday, October 26, 2004

One week to go....

Look at that. One week to NaNo.

I have my outline done. I am so looking forward to writing Bad Connections. I love working with Elias Singer and Nicholas St. Jude, my two undercover cops in an alternate near future where LA has been nearly destroyed by quakes. I think writing this one is going to be great fun.

Will I do a second novel this year as well? Maybe. Depends on how the first one does. And I do have another finished outline if I decide to. I might even have a third one so that I could have a choice.

Or maybe I'd do what I've done before and just 'fly without a net' for the second book. Those are often fun, too.

Work in general is going pretty well. I've been working through the slush pile for DT at a good rate. A couple possibles, but I need to some reworking before I can accept them. I have Vision all nicely lined up. Chat is down at FM, but I've arranged for it to be returned to us about Wednesday.

I'm starting to feel fired up about NaNo. Good thing, with it so close. It'll be nice to throw myself into the writing stuff for a week or so, at least!

Tonight, though, I think I'm going to kick back and relax for a while. I've been very tired lately, and I think a few more days of 1000 words and just reading isn't a bad idea. I'll go into crazed writer mode soon enough!

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