Sunday, August 29, 2004


It's very late. I should have been in bed hours ago. However, it is Labor of Love at Forward Motion, and I have been enjoying the work, despite having a horrid cold. Or maybe because I have it -- I can't sleep without choking so I might as well sit here and work. I've written over 20,000 words in two days on a new novel Written in the Sand (was The Sand and the Wind). I'm considering moving over to Unfinished Business and making a run for the end of Paid in Blood and Gold instead of going farther on the new one. I keep feeling guilty that I had been doing so well on that novel and then just dropped it for the challenge. LOL. We'll see.

What else is going on? Can anything else be going on when you write that much? I'm sure things happened around me. I didn't notice. I had a lovely note from someone thanking me for the work at Forward Motion, which is always nice.

On the other hand, I had an amusing (and annoying because of the timing) run in with a couple romance writers who couldn't get it through their heads that I wouldn't list their books at Estand not because they were Romance, but because I do not list individual books or authors. It's a site for Electronic Publishers. It was amazing. The odd thing is that they weren't the first Romance writers I've had this problem with, so I think somewhere there is a list with some faulty information. At any rate, if I didn't know so many truly nice Romance writers, in both print and electronic format, I would really start worrying. These people can be downright rude and pissy! Okay, I've had to deal with rude sf and fantasy writers as well, but they aren't quite so persistent. (grin)

But overall, life is good. Forward Motion is running wonderfully. I have some of the most helpful, wonderful moderators in the world. These people really get out there and work. Some of the ones who have been there for a while have been retiring this year, and I fully understand that. It's a lot of work for nothing, and at least with Holly there they had the ability to say they were moderators at a site for a name author. They've been wonderful, and even though some of the moderators have stepped down -- for life reasons, for work reasons, and whatever other reasons -- it has been a very polite move, and they've all stayed at the site and continued in ways that are not quite so demanding.

I love Forward Motion. I couldn't have said that a year ago, when I had just taken over. I had worries about everything I did, and we had troubles with people who stirred things up (whether intentionally or not) right away, so I learned quickly that it's best to just step in, take action, and move on. That's the way the site has gone for this year, and you know... we've more than doubled in size, we continue to grow, and we have far fewer problems than we ever did before. The site is maturing. It's not that I took over, it's that FM reached a stage where the people who know what they want sorted out their priorities, and because they have those set and are working toward them, the people who join in later are pulled into that level as well.

I'm looking at new things to add, new approaches to try. The site grows but it grows in a good direction and toward a goal. And it's great to be part of it.

And I think I should be getting some sleep!

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