Thursday, August 12, 2004

There are odd creatures in the world...

I finally got my poor journal uploaded. That's the other one that I have kept, without missing a day, since October 1998. I sometimes am late getting a day up because of storms, travel... goofy servers not working... but I have not actually missed any days. It's boring as hell most of the time, but still -- it's there.

It's where I get the pictures for this one, too. And why the earlier pictures disappear since I cull the journal when I have to cut back on space.

Now the real news for tonight is that I finally wrote 500,000 words for this year. I'm very happy to have made it this far since so this year started out rather poorly as far as writing goes.

I now have three major submissions to go out that I need to print up tonight. I have other work that I need to do as well for FM and for Vision.

But I've written my 500,000. Makes me feel much better. Oh and Paid in Gold and Blood is going VERY well. It's over 13,000 words already and moving forward in great leaps.

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