Sunday, August 08, 2004

With the first draft of Farstep Station completed and put aside, I suddenly found myself having to choose the next project. That's always dangerous for me, you know. And this year more so than usual. On my list there were only two unfinished manuscripts, a short story and the novel The Wind and the Sand. I had started The Wind and the Sand back in March, but I didn't like the way it was going so I went back and started reworking the outline. I have quite a bit of it done, but it's not completed.
And I didn't want to start on that novel again until I did have the outline where I wanted it.
The short story is not much of a problem. It's silly and wont take much work to finish it, I just have to be in the proper mood. (It's a new Sangre story for those who remember anything about those stories.)
I have two other partially completed outlines. I didn't want to leap into those without doing the work either.
I pulled out Paid in Gold and Blood the other day to read it. It was written back in 2000, I think. Story is solid, prose sucks. I've started a rewrite from scratch on it. The work has started out very slowly, and I've rewritten the first four paragraphs a half dozen times in the last two days. I've only written about 500 words so far, but I think it will pick up once I get the feel for the storyline and get past this opening.
Ooops. Ran off and had dinner with Russ and forgot that I was typing this in! Not that I've really had anything important to say. However, it's time to upload this and get back to work on the other material. I have about 1300 for the day between my projects, and it's starting to look good!

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