Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Cute Willow

I have about 1/3rd of Vision done. This is really good. It's going together well, and it looks great. The only bad part is that I'm sure I'm missing some articles, and it's driving me mad. I generally keep everything in a special mailbox for Vision, and clear it out as I use it. But... I thought there was more in it this time, and I don't know where the other articles could have gone to.

There are days (weeks, months, years) when this stuff just drives me nuts.

On the good side, I sold a short story to DDP today for the new Dollar Downloads. The title is Year of the Fire Rat, a nice little fantasy tale. The story is grouped with a novel there (in this case Aubreyan, the first of the Dark Staff series) and if a person buys the novel, they get the story free. Or they can opt to buy the short story alone for $1.

I have to come up with four more short stories that the publisher likes for the other novels. I'm editing #2 -- hope to turn it in tomorrow and see what the verdict is. I would like to have them all done before Forward Motion's Labor of Love dare this weekend, but I suspect that I'm not going to quite make it, especially since I still have to take the outline notes from my PDA and get them organized for work.

In the usual writing news, Paid in Gold and Blood is still going quite well. If I didn't have other things to take care of I think I would already be done with it. But I've nothing really to complain about. I'm having fun, and while some things drive me to distraction lately, over all it's looking good.

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